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Logos for Happi Choc and The Chocolate Dream

Here at HAPPi we want to invest in our world and in future generations of chocolate change-makers. So we’ve teamed up with our chocolate partner, Luker Chocolate in an exciting new project!

Luker's Homeland

Luker’s homeland, Colombia, is the most biodiverse country per square mile in the world. That means that the Colombian rainforest is jam-packed with incredible creatures like capybaras, giant anteaters, anacondas, poison dart frogs, cotton-top tamarins, pink river dolphins and jaguars – to name but a few!

Kids for Nature

This rich ecosystem is under threat from illegal poachers, deforestation and climate change – and we want to do something about it. Kids for Nature is a project co-created by Happi and our chocolate partner, Luker Chocolate as part of the Chocolate Dream initiative. It aims to help protect the truly remarkable wildlife of Colombia by educating a group of Colombian children to become guardians of their ecosystem. This special group of kids will study, record, track and measure their ecological community, and over time become equipped with the knowledge and understanding to become dedicated wildlife protectors. We know that children have power in bringing about positive change in their families, which in turn influences their communities.

Happi's Commitment

At Happi we are committed to supporting various good causes and charities and the Kids for Nature project is one that will be following closely over the coming year. If you would like to follow the children’s progress with us then check back here for news and photos!

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