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Tips on catering for a gluten free diet!

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To join Coeliac Awareness Week and help spread awareness of Coeliac Disease, or a gluten intolerance, we thought we'd collect our favourite pieces of advice on catering for someone on a gluten free diet. 


Ahead of deciding what you're going to cook or prepare, read up around the no-gos. It's quite easy to assume that just because something has flour in it, it contains gluten. This is not always the case, and many foods with rice flour for example are actually gluten free. Equally, gluten can be found in many more things than just flour-containing products. Here's a great place to find information on it.


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Now you have a bit more of an understanding on the subject, here are our top-tips!


1. Be open about the fact you might have to cook something basic. 

Unless you're prepared to search high and low for some of the most complicated gluten free alternatives to regular products (for example sauces), you may have to cook something fairly basic...and this is ok! There are plenty of basic ingredients suitable for Coeliacs like rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and quinoa. There are so many ways to spruce up basic ingredients so don't worry about it being boring.


2. Don't be offended if they ask to check the packaging and ingredients list, despite the fact you've already looked twice. 

It's all about piece of mind sometimes. With reactions for some Coeliacs being quite severe, it's always best to be on the safe side.


3. If you need their help with finding gluten free ingredients, just ask them!

Trust us, living with Coeliac Disease can be tough. It's far better to ask the person you're catering for for some help with finding gluten free ingredients - they'll be used to it and could save you a lot of unnecessary hassle. 


Have you got any more tips? Let us know!

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